Meaningful Living Through Mindfulness – Part 5


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Mindfulness is about paying attention to daily life and the things we typically rush through. It’s about turning down the volume in your mind by coming back to the body. It is normal to have some fear or to feel out of place at work sometimes, but when the anxiety begins to control you and keep you from performing your normal activities it becomes a serious problem. For many people that suffer from some sort of anxiety, their productivity decreases, and they fail to contribute to their job, which can make them more anxious.  While there are many forms of anxiety, we can all learn to overcome them by identifying the key problem and finding a way to manage them, before they manage you. Remember, it is perfectly normal to feel stressed at work and feel a little anxious.  Although everyone will experience some form of workplace anxiety in their career, everyone portrays them differently. Learning key signs and symptoms of workplace anxiety sooner will not only help identify the problem but will lead you down the right path to know how to manage them successfully.

At the end of Part 5 of the Living in the Moment through Mindfulness course, you should:
1. Understand anxiety and explore different types of anxieties. We will also look at the difference between anxiety and common nervousness.
2. Learn to recognize symptoms and warning signs.
3. Recognize common triggers and accelerants.
4. Determine ways of coping and managing anxiety.