Meaningful Living Through Mindfulness – Part 4


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Human beings are social creatures and our brains are wired with the need to connect to other people. We are wired to connect to others from the time that we are born. Sometimes, when we are facing challenges we may withdraw from others, but building our connections with people, instead of withdrawing, can change our thoughts and feelings for the better.

Relationships are imperative for many different reasons. These include increasing our emotional well-being, creating stability, learning how to be a good friend or partner, having someone to count on and trust in times of need and someone to vent to when we face challenges, just to name a few. Most people struggle with relationships at some point and time in their lives, but we all crave love, intimacy, and genuine connection. The most important relationship skill is mindful communication. Mindful communication gives us the tools we need to connect more deeply with others. When you are talking mindfully, you are conscious of the words you choose. You think before you speak and make a conscious decision to use your best communication in a respectful manner, even if it is a difficult situation. You are also mindful of your intention and aware of expectations that may or may not be met.

At the end of Part 4 of the Living in the Moment through Mindfulness course, you should:
1. Know the relationship model and relationship types.
2. Know the benefits and understanding the principles of mindful relationships.
3. Be able to demonstrate understanding mindful communication by applying it.
4. Be able to have difficult conversations in a mindful manner, to deal with inherent conflict in relationships effectively.