Meaningful Living Through Mindfulness – Part 2


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As complex human beings, our beliefs, values, attitudes, thoughts, emotions and behaviour influence each other interactively, sometimes as a result or consequence of other people’s feedback and our own reflection. Mindfulness helps us to develop positive beliefs, values, attitudes, thoughts, emotions and behaviour through attentive focus and reflection. Regardless of your view of spirituality, the spiritual element of mindfulness is related to focused breathing. Research shows that focused breathing assists in becoming and remaining attentive and focused on the present while living in the moment. Mindfulness is a way of thinking. It’s about training your brain to pay attention and focus. It’s about learning to direct attention to what is happening in the present experience, including the mind, body, and environment. Mindfulness is both a state of mind and a quality that develops through practice. Over time, it becomes a way of being and part of the fabric of who you are. Repetitively and consistently thinking and behaving mindfully alters the brain’s form and function.

At the end of Part 2 of the Living in the Moment through Mindfulness course, you should:
1. Understand the behaviour model which explains how our values and beliefs, attitudes as well as thinking determine our behaviour and other people’s responding behaviour to us.
2. Be able to develop a mindful attitude.
3. Understand mindless and distorted thinking.
4. Be able to develop mindful thinking patterns