Leadership and Influence


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The course provides a comprehensive course on leadership and
influence for new leaders or those who want to expand or improve their
leadership abilities. The course covers a diverse range of topics
including various theories on leadership and practical skills which can
be implemented at any level of an organisation or in the individual’s
personal life. 
This course starts by laying the groundwork for
a successful, innovative and holistically prepared leader. Focus is placed on
what makes a great leader and how any individual who applies themselves can
reach this goal. It taps into the theoretical fiber and foundation of leaders
throughout history and break it down into easily comprehensible, bite-sized
The core of this course is to realize that any
person can be a great leader, and can assist new leaders, aspiring leaders, or
established leaders who want to improve their existing leadership abilities. The course concludes with an in-depth look into
the most important aspect for any leader: their legacy, and empowers the
individual in reaching their full potential as a leader.